How the Home Bill Saver came to life

Some days I find it hard to believe that it has been over 11 years since I first started my business.


11 years!

When I first launched, not many people were aware of the type of service I offered and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was happy to see my business grow quickly as people realised they could outsource all those ‘must-do’ personal tasks that took up so much of their time (and the ones that had been on their ‘to-do’ lists for months). You can read more about how to reduce electricity bill & how my Life Concierge business was born.

But every so often I would get a bill from one of my clients and they would ask me if I could find them a better deal. It wasn’t a regular thing but it was something I enjoyed doing because I could see how happy my clients were when I saved them money. One of my key metrics in rating how I am doing with my clients is seeing how much money (as well as time) I can save them. In fact, I regularly tell clients that my goal is to save them enough money to cover the cost of hiring me!


I have reviewed lots of different bills – car insurance, home insurance, electricity, health insurance, mobile and internet services and I always managed to save my clients money EVERY single time.


I never really thought about the potential of this type of service and how it could benefit not only my Adelaide concierge clients but others as well. Well, that is until 2020 hit – when two things happened that pushed me towards launching my official Home Bill Saver service.

The first thing was COVID-19. Like many business owners, I worried about a downturn in business and wondered if people would still use a Concierge business.

The second thing was when my Dad retired from his position as a Partner in a Chartered Accounting firm and become a part-time consultant only working a 5-day fortnight.

Before my Dad retired from his full-time role my parents used to pay bills without thinking about them too much, but suddenly they found themselves in the common position of being asset rich and cash poor and so had to be more careful not to overdraw their bank account.

Knowing I had regularly saved money for my clients, they asked if I could help them too. But instead of giving me just one bill, they handed over two electricity bills, three car insurance policies, two home and contents insurance policies, one Landlord policy, one health insurance policy, plus their internet bill and two mobile phone bills. I had my work cut out for me!

They also gave me a bunch of guidelines. They definitely wanted to stay with Telstra, they definitely did NOT want to go with AGL, they preferred to stay with their current health insurer, and in general they wanted to use providers with a stable business backing them or a well-established history, to reduce risk.


This was a fantastic challenge and I was thrilled that even with these strict requirements, I managed to save them a whopping $5900 a year. For two people on a single part-time income this was a huge saving!


This was such a positive experience for me, and for my parents, that I really wanted to help more people in the same way so my Home Bill Saver Packages were born. I tested this service in a Facebook Business Group and was delighted when the results were overwhelmingly positive.

I wanted to be really confident about this service so I tested it with 20 more clients with a guarantee that if I didn’t save them more than their investment within the first year, I would give them their money back. Not a single person ever took up my guarantee, and I saved between $800 and $3000 across five bills for those 20 clients.

It gives me great satisfaction to help my clients save money on their household bills, and I would love to help you with this service too. Please click here to read more about how the service works, then click the button below to get the ball rolling.

PS – And don’t forget I am so confident I can help you, I also offer a money-back guarantee!